On niche, Logan Square is the 35th best neighbourhood to live in Chicago. Although its real estate market is graded C-, Logan Square thrives on an overall grade of A-. A lot of factors contribute to Logan Square’s high rank on the Chicago housing chart. We’ll be discussing them all. 

Logan Square is three things in one: an historical neighbourhood, an official community area and a public square. Located in the northwest end of Chicago, within the Logan Square community area, the neighbourhood is one of 77 to be established on planning grounds. The community area itself has 5 neighbourhoods, which are Logan Square, Bucktown, Palmer Square, Belmont Gardens and Kosciuszko Park, all of which are serenely habitable.

Features of Logan Square 

Here are the main features that make Logan Square a standout Chicago neighbourhood.

  1. Government: Under the jurisdiction of Cook County operated by a board of commissioners.
  1. Population: The total number of people presently living in this 23,000/sq mi neighbourhood amounts to approximately 87,707. The demographics are somewhat uneven as it is dominated by Whites and Hispanics.
  1. Jobs: White color jobs are prevalent accounting for about 86% of Logan Square’s employment. The remaining 14% is attributed to blue collar jobs. Impressively, there are over 35,000 private companies in the neighbourhood.
  1. Per Capital Income: Logan Square manages to do well in terms of income. Its average household income lies between $65,000 and $100,000. More than 80% of the populace is above the poverty line.  
  1. Home Value: The median home value in Logan Square is about $314,519. The median rent is $1,176 higher than the national average of $949.

Transportation in Logan Square 

Logan Square has all sorts of transport available to its inhabitants.  They have buses, subways and railroads. The major means of transport is by car. However, the subway is equally patronised. Logan Square is served by the Blue Line (CTA). Also known as the O’Hare-Congress Line, this subway makes three stops in the Western station, the California station and Logan Square station.

The Logan Square Station is a low-traffic subway station that serves the Logan Square neighbourhood. Its terminus extends to the O’Hare International Airport. The station also links to downtown, western end and near west Chicago suburbs. Impressively, Logan Square station works round the clock.

Facilities in the Logan Square

Logan square is rich with infrastructures and facilities. First and foremost, the neighbourhood has a local branch of the Chicago Public Library. Second are its many cultural organisations such as the Hairpin Arts Centre and the Chicago Polish Village which exhibit diverse arts and culture.

The neighbourhood has many news outlets such as the Community TV Network, the Chicago Independent Media Centre, as well as its own local news blogs like the LoganSquarist.

For entertainment, Logan Square has the Congress Theatre, a historic movie palace which is styled like classical revival and Italian renaissance theatres. A redevelopment of this theatre is going on as we speak.

Education wise, Logan Square residents attend schools in the City of Chicago School District. Otherwise known as Chicago Public Schools, the CPS is home to over 600 schools.

Home Prices in Logan Square Today

The median home value of homes in Logan Square stands at a value of $314,519, with a median rent of $1,176. Only about 34% own their homes outright, while the remaining 68% pay rent.