Millennials, people who are now ages 29-36 years old, are the largest group of home buyers. As a matter of fact, they hold the largest dollar value of loans by volume, too. 

This younger generation is known for a few things. They tend to put less down on homes, which means they are often interested in specific mortgage options, and more and more commonly, we see unmarried millennial couples looking to buy a home together. 

Another common factor? Tech. Millennials enjoy using apps from the palm of their hand for just about anything. Lyft, Uber, Waitr, and other apps have revolutionized the life of the millennial, and when it comes to real estate, platforms like Trulia and Realtor have definitely made it easier for millennials to do a big portion of their real estate shopping anytime, anywhere. 

On the finance side, mobile banking allows millennials to take care of banking just about anywhere. When it comes to setting up a mortgage, it can be seemingly done all electronically. 

But, wait! Don’t let the value of having a true professional on your side escape. 

A true professional can beat an app every time in terms of real-time knowledge…

A real professional knows all of the ins and outs, knows what really works, and knows what never will. 

If you are a millennial who is interested in sealing the right home deal, contact me today to find out how I can help